Be calm and mindful
with nature.

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Sleep and Nap with Sounds of Nature.

Well-selected natural sounds are lullabies to make you sleep tight. Originate gentle-wake alarm to rouse you with love and charm.

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Relax Meditation Puts a Pause for Your Brain.

Professional meditations synthesize with casual life. A brain massage brings you a peaceful mind.

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Focus Timer Starts an Immersive Concentration.

Perfectly combine Pomodoro with natural sound. Create an immersive space for your efficient production.

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Pocket the Ocean, the Moor, the Forest, and All.

The hustle and bustle always leave you a desire to be restful. Open peaceful Tide, embrace natural life.

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Daily Inspiring Quotes, Bring You The Power of Words.

Poems and love are the meaning of life. Daily quotes inspire you with peace and quiet.

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“From inspiration to focus to tracking how you sleep, this app is a masterpiece!” - GodWriter

“This application has altered my destiny forever.” - devil is coming

“It helps me focus at anytime. Ads free and minimalist design is really great.” - ayokim

“Honestly this is the best app I've ever tried. If I could give it a 10 start rating I would. It definitely helps you focus and sleep better.” - Shanila Casey

“I'm very happy that I found it.It help me to concentrate on reading and relax.” - Viktoria

“Beautifully designed, thinking of the user. I love it through and through.” - finding_girl

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